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Status regarding new Rails version packaging?


Adam, the four blocker points you mentioned back in February
(libactivesupport-ruby, libactiverecord-ruby, libi18n-ruby1.8 and
libmemcache-client-ruby1.8) have all been taken care of; what is the
status regarding the upload of a 2.3.x Rails package?

I am not poking just to bother you - libgettext-ruby is now broken
with my Rails applications, and I was about to make an ITP and package
libgettext-rails-ruby - But it requires a 2.3.x Rails...

I see you have set up a public Git repository for packaging Rails. I
cloned it, but without a TODO, I don't know what should I start
tackling - Tell me any pressing points that are blocking a release,
and I will gladly work on them. 


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