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Re: libnet-{scp,sftp,sftp2,ssh,ssh2}-ruby

Hello all,

I'm Sorry. It's my fault!

> This is my miss. First, I'm sorry for no action in some days
> and didn't notice net-ssh2, and net-scp2 was already packaged.

> Upstream distributes both (1.x and 2.x). I think it's convenient
> so on debian. I should revert version of libnetnet-ssh-ruby and
> libnet-scp-ruby to 1.x version with epoch and upload again.
> I'll fix package tonight.

So I fixed packages locally and asked upload Taku.
However he seems totally busy now.

# Currently I cannot upload package by myself, because I'm not
# a registered debian developer.

Then would I ask someone to upload my new packages to archive?

There are my package archives with svn-buildpackage style;

>>> In Message "libnet-{scp,sftp,sftp2,ssh,ssh2}-ruby"
>>>            <20100330194142.GD26286@density.luon.net>,
>>> Paul van Tilburg <paulvt@debian.org>  said;
> Hello everyone,

> Can somebody explain me, what the duplicates are in the
> libnet-{scp,sftp,sftp2,ssh,ssh2}-ruby pacakges.  Which one do we really
> want _in the Squeeze_ release and what depedencies.  Can we coordinate a
> bit here, please.  Thank you :)

> Resolving this might also kill some RC bugs!

> Kind regards,
> Paul

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