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ruby 1.9.1 will be ruby's stable release in december


Ruby 1.9.1 is supposed to be released in december 2007, and will be
ruby's stable release.

There's a lot of things that should be discussed before that, and we
don't have much time:

- library installation paths (see #446220):
  a common complain heard about Debian's ruby is that we install all
  libs in /usr/lib/ruby/1.8, mixing stdlib and third party libs. It
  would be a good idea to move away from that in ruby1.9.

- rubygems. ruby 1.9.1 will include rubygems in stdlib (it hasn't been
  imported yet, according to drbrain@#ruby-lang). This means that we
  will have to decide whether we continue to package libs from .tgz, or
  if we want to package some rubygems too.

I had a long discussion with Eric Hodel (brbrain), and I think that we
should package gems. But there's a number of issues that should be dealt
with first:
- when run 'normally', gem should not install to /usr/lib/ruby/gems, but
  to some place under /usr/local, to avoid clashes between debian
  packages and manually installed gems.
- binaries from rubygem packages should be installed to /usr/bin, while
  binaries from manually installed gems should go to /usr/local.
- rdoc documentation should be installed to /usr/share/doc
- what about ri documentation ?
- anything else?
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