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Debian Ruby Maintainers

Hi all!

There was some discussion on this list regarding the creation of a Ruby
Maintainers Team.  This team would start first maintaing the supplement
libraries to libruby, namely libruby-extras.  A project on Alioth has
already been created (pkg-ruby-extras) and a Subversion repository is
being set up.

* Membership

David (gravity) and I have the following question for the people
Would you like to be part of the team? If so, please reply (with your
alioth account name) to this mail, we can then arrange membership of this

* Packages

Currently, the following packages are considered for 'membership' of
this libruby-extras meta-package:

- breakpoint (ITPed)
- cmd (ITPed)
- facets (ITPed)
- carats (ITPed)
- serialport
- termios (already in the archive)

If you think this list is missing some very useful library, please
reply. Also serialport is missing a future maintainer, if you are
interested, please let us know.

* Homepage

The project currently has no homepage, I am considering a simple Hobix
based page feeding some news about the project and listing some useful
links, if nobody objects? The entries can be put in Subversion as well
and generated where it is necessary.



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