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Re: About the Ruby packages split: a concrete proposal

I prepared restructured version of ruby1.8.
It is available on http://people.debian.org/~akira/ruby1.8/

I think that restructuring ruby1.8 can separate into two steps.
1st step is to merge some packages.
2nd step is to introduce new meta packages.
The new ruby1.8 is for the 1st step.

(NOTE: 1.8.2-2+1 may be canceled for some reasons.)

Paul van Tilburg wrote:
> What criteria did you use for this.  We tried to leave out libraries
> with depends on other libs as well but came to the conclusion that
> since libgdbm and libopenssl are either base or standard, everyone will
> have those installed almost always as well.

I think that ruby1.8 + libruby1.8 should depend on minimum packages.

> AFAIK 99% the people I speak think ruby installs the interpreter and the
> assumed base libraries (seeing apt-cache show python2.3 (where most of
> the library doesn't seem to be split of at all) and apt-cache show perl).

For Debian environment, "the interpreter and
the assumed base libraries" is new ruby1.8 + new libruby1.8.

New libruby1.8 includes "base libraries on Debian environment".
All of extension libraries are optional on upstream release.
Because these libraries can be omitted by configure options or
development enveronment.

Thank you.
akira yamada       <URL:http://arika.org>

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