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Re: So what needs done / packaged?

On Thu, May 20, 2004 at 09:50:48AM -0400, Chris Anderson wrote:
> Is there a list of all the ruby packages that need help or software that
> needs to be packaged to improve Debian's Ruby support? I'd like to maintain
> some ruby packages or help in whatever manner is needed. We need more life on
> this list ;)

Not that I know of. It seems the policy needs some finishing up though.
And I guess having a look at RPA[1] is interesting too, it would be nice to
make that interoperable with Debian (Ruby).
I find it important to have a good policy, documentation infra structure
and such before trying to package the whole RAA. :)


1: http://www.wobblini.net/svn/rpa/rpa-base/manifesto.txt

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