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rdoc virtual package


Since the rdoc package is orphaned now, maybe it is possible for the
ruby source package to create a rdoc virtual package for rdoc1.8, like
it is done for ri1.8 and irb1.8?
Also the symlink rdoc -> rdoc1.8 would be a nice feature, since some
Ruby programs miss rdoc, tell you to install rdoc, but you have it
already and have to create the symlink yourself.

I read in the Ruby policy that there is a requirement for
version-dependent Ruby libs to create a libfoo-ruby virtual package with
depend on libfoo-rubyx.y.
Maybe it needs to be ammented to add this requirement for Ruby
version-dependent Ruby 'binaries' too?



P.S. I Cc'ed the Debian Ruby list, I don't know if you've joined the list

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