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future of the Debian Party Line mumble server?

Hi folks,

The Debian Party Line was a mumble server run by Joey Hess and an
associated ikiwiki page with details about how to connect to it. It was
used for voice communication for events like Debian release parties.


Due to the coming release of Debian buster I noticed that it was no
longer operational and I learnt from Joey that he shut down the server
in 2017 as he was no longer using it and no longer administering it.


Is anyone else interesting in setting up a new mumble server for
Debian, ensuring that is used appropriately and advertising that it is
available for Debian related purposes?

I've vacated the mumble.debian.net for whoever wants to run it.

I'd suggest that the ikiwiki page be moved to wiki.debian.org and the
branchable page be redirected to the Debian wiki.



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