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Re: RFA: rtc.debian.org

Quoting Sam Hartman (2019-04-25 21:51:30)
> Hi.  During a discussion with DSA, we noticed that rtc.debian.org does 
> not have an active service team maintaining it.
> In addition, the reciprocate package, on which it depends, was dropped 
> from buster.
> I think the RC bugs in question have since been fixed but I didn't go
> look at all the dependencies.
> The default option is to discontinue the service.
> First, it would be useful to hear from active users of the service.  
> At one level, even if the service is actively used, it won't be 
> continued without maintainers.  However, understanding who would be 
> hurt by this would be valuable.
> Secondly, if you would be willing to step up and maintain the service 
> please follow up.  You'd also need to be willing to maintain the 
> packages involved in coordination with the voip team.

I have tried but failed at using the service.

I want it to continue (and want ot to work, obviously) and volunteer to 
administrate it!

Great if others would help: I suggest using debian-rtc@lists.debian.org 
(Cc'ed) to coordinate such team maintenance, but agree with Sam that we 
better continue this thread on debian-project@lists.debian.org only - 
email headers set accordingly.

 - Jonas

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