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Re: More SPIM (spam on IM)

On 31/08/17 09:35, W. Martin Borgert wrote:
> Hi,
> unfortunately, we see more SPIM in our Debian XMPP accounts:
>  - invitation SPIM: this is a completely new phenomenon to me,
>    but it was long expected, as soon as people block non-contacts
>  - SPIM passing the default Gajim anti-spam question
>    ("Please answer: 12 x 12?"). I changed the question slightly
>    and that helped, so their math parser is really bad :~)
>    Please be inventive with your questions!
> I got nice filter rules for prosody now from two experienced
> XMPP admins, that we can block at least 80% of SPIM really soon

Could these be included in the Prosody package or an extra package that
people can easily add to Debian systems, or in the README.Debian for the
package?  Could you possibly open a wishlist bug against the package and
attach the filter rules and any other essential details?

> now. (Still waiting for access to our server, though.)

Was this eventually sorted out?

Thanks for taking this on.



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