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SRV record target must not be CNAME


First, thanks for the RTC quickstart guide.  However, it looks like
the instructions in [1] to set up the DNS for a RTC communication
server are incorrect with regard to the use of CNAMEs.

Following the instructions, my setup did only connect to some servers
(observed with XMPP s2s connections).  After switching from CNAMEs to
A respectively AAAA records, the problem disappeared. It seems [2]
that using a CNAME as target in SRV records is not valid and causes

Thanks and best regards,


[1] http://rtcquickstart.org/guide/multi/dns-sample-zone.html
[2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SRV_record#Record_format
    '… the target in SRV records must point to hostname with an address
    record (A or AAAA record). Pointing to a hostname with a CNAME
    record is not a valid configuration.'

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