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Re: "Invalid Release file" when setup autopkgtest env with autopkgtest-build-lxc


On 13-04-2022 10:04, Santiago Ruano Rincón wrote:
Good. But it would be nice to know why it got that not-so-random MAC
address. Regular lxc containers populate their initial config from
/etc/lxc/default.conf. No idea if autopkgtest-build-lxc does something

* verify packets can be routed (NATed) and it's a DNS resolution problem
   with a ping (or any other public IP)

root@autopkgtest-unstable-riscv64:~# echo >/dev/tcp/ && echo "open"
So, this seems like a DNS issue.

I am missing a lot of tools in the container but while trying I got this:
root@autopkgtest-unstable-riscv64:~# resolvectl query deb.debian.org
sd_bus_open_system: No such file or directory

Does that help in any way?

* verify NAT rules with nft list ruleset. There should be a couple of
   lxc-related tables. If nft is not available, I think it should be on
   iptables -L -t nat.
root@unmatched:~# nft list ruleset
table inet lxc {
        chain input {
                type filter hook input priority filter; policy accept;
                iifname "lxcbr0" udp dport { 53, 67 } accept
                iifname "lxcbr0" tcp dport { 53, 67 } accept

        chain forward {
                type filter hook forward priority filter; policy accept;
                iifname "lxcbr0" accept
                oifname "lxcbr0" accept
table ip lxc {
        chain postrouting {
                type nat hook postrouting priority srcnat; policy accept;
ip saddr ip daddr != counter packets 38 bytes 2260 masquerade


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