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"Invalid Release file" when setup autopkgtest env with autopkgtest-build-lxc

We are going to setup autopkgtest env for riscv64. But got errors from the cmd:
sudo  autopkgtest-build-lxc debian sid riscv64
lxc-create: autopkgtest-sid-riscv64: storage/btrfs.c: btrfs_create: 938 Inappropriate ioctl for device - Failed to create btrfs subvolume "/var/lib/lxc/autopkgtest-sid-riscv64/rootfs"
lxc-create: autopkgtest-sid-riscv64: storage/zfs.c: zfs_create: 735 Failed to create zfs dataset "zfs:lxc/autopkgtest-sid-riscv64": lxc-create: autopkgtest-sid-riscv64:
lxc-create: autopkgtest-sid-riscv64: storage/lvm.c: do_lvm_create: 165 Failed to create logical volume "autopkgtest-sid-riscv64": lxc-create: autopkgtest-sid-riscv64:
lxc-create: autopkgtest-sid-riscv64: storage/lvm.c: lvm_create: 623 Error creating new logical volume "lvm:/dev/lxc/autopkgtest-sid-riscv64" of size "1073741824 bytes"
debootstrap is /usr/sbin/debootstrap
Checking cache download in /var/cache/lxc/debian/rootfs-sid-riscv64 ...
Downloading debian minimal ...
I: Target architecture can be executed
I: Retrieving InRelease
I: Checking Release signature
I: Valid Release signature (key id A7236886F3CCCAAD148A27F80E98404D386FA1D9)
E: Invalid Release file, no entry for main/binary-riscv64/Packages
Failed to download the rootfs, aborting.
Failed to download 'debian base'
failed to install debian
lxc-create: autopkgtest-sid-riscv64: lxccontainer.c: create_run_template: 1618 Failed to create container from template
lxc-create: autopkgtest-sid-riscv64: tools/lxc_create.c: main: 317 Failed to create container autopkgtest-sid-riscv64
The autopkgtest-build-lxc will invoke the lxc-create:
` lxc-create -B best --name=autopkgtest-sid-riscv64 -t debian -- -r sid -a riscv64`. It will get the same error also.
We can ignore the btrfs related error because executing `sudo  autopkgtest-build-lxc debian sid` on amd64 gets the same hint(and the rootfs-sid-amd64 is setup well)
So, I think the issue cause is due to the ports release file is not compatible with lxc-build as the error described.

In fact, Using debootstrap cmd to setup debian riscv64 base chroot will get the error sometime but we can pass --no-check-gpg arg to debootstrap. But the autopkgtest does not support it maybe. 

Any help will be appricated.

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