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Re: New to Debian/RISC-V

Thanks for your offer Ileana and you answer Etienne,

Ileana Dumitrescu, on 2021-11-04:
>> Hello everyone! I am new to Debian, and I was recommended to contact a group within debian-ports to ask about ways that I can contribute to the project. I am interested in learning more about RISC-V and helping out in any ways that I can.

I would be really happy to stard (for real thi time) to contribue also
on Risc V. I am lucky to own two boards of this kind and will start to
read and stup my envoronnement according to the links.

Is there also aleready some prebuild image even unofficial ?

Once i'm up and runing which tutirial / procedure / wiki page should i
read please to start working  in team mode ? I guess it goes through
Salsa ?

Thanks in advance for pointing me the good quickstart so i can do it
according to procedures. I'm at ease with packaging, i am looking for
the right way to stop working on my side ;) ) ans surely apply soon to
join a team




kind regards,
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