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Greetings from Chile

Hello world!

I'm Edson Contreras and I want to join the Debian community of RISC-V. I hope to be useful and help this system to grow.

I've prepared a blog entry where I explain how to set up a X11 Window Manager environment with QEMU where I test some packages that I leave here.

I hope that the document will be helpful and well explained.

I also would like to ask if there is a bug list or a project list of the apps that are currently being migrated to RISC-V in order to help and join a team. I bought the SIFive's Unmatched board in December, however as it hasn't been shipped yet, I'm practicing with QEMU and I think that I'm ready to take the next step.

Thanks in advance, and I hope to join one of your teams.

Best regards,

Edson René Contreras Cárdenas
Ingeniero Civil Electrónico
Integration Lead
Banco BCI

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