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Re: Bazel build issue on RISC-V

On 1/2/21 5:35 PM, John Scott wrote:
> On Saturday, January 2, 2021 11:26:57 AM EST John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
>> There are already so many good build systems out there and most of them
>> don't require a Java runtime to run unlike Bazel. So I guess the community
>> won't be going the Bazel way.
> I feel that your comments do not help RISC-V discussion and should stop. There 
> are already packages in Debian, Anki (a flashcard program) being one off the top 
> of my head, that requires Bazel for new upstream releases. I hear the Node.js 
> folks also are reliant on it.
> Packaging Bazel is a tremendous pain due to the way it works, but this 
> volunteer is doing it. Please don't discourage them anymore.

I'm part of the wanna-build team, buildd maintainer and porter for multiple
architectures in Debian.

Packages like Bazel that come with such poor portability cause quite some pain
on our side and I rather have less packages in Debian with higher quality than
including packages that have regular build issues.

Debian shouldn't be abused as a CI infrastructure for upstream projects as each
package that gets build consumes CPU time not available for other packages which
do actually build.


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