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Re: Bug#953394: simgrid: FTBFS on riscv64 due to disabled java support


On 3/9/20 12:09 AM, Aurelien Jarno wrote:
>> Attaching a patch which enables Java support on all architectures.
> Has it been tested on at least one of the other architectures?

Currently test-building on m68k, it's almost finished.

> At least this part is not correct as libns3-dev is not available
> anymore due to linker memory usage issue [1]. So if you want to enable
> ns3 support on all the other architectures [2] it should probably be
> [!mipsel].

Okay, that's unexpected then. I tested on m68k and assumed ns3 would
be available everywhere if it's available on m68k.

> [1] Note that #950527 provides a patch to build a 64-bit binutils version on
> some 32-bit architectures that should make ns3 buildable again on
> mipsel.
> [2] Note that ns3 is not buildable anymore on ia64, k-a, k-i and
> powerpc.

Yes, as a result of other packages currently FTBFS. But that should mean
fixing the FTBFS in these cases.


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