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no networking in riscv-qemu... use pppd?

hi, sorry i'm not subscribed to the list so replying in-thread is a
leetle tricky (apologies!), but this is a new thread-topic anyway.  in
https://lists.debian.org/debian-riscv/2016/11/msg00005.html it's
mentioned the following:

> For Debian purposes the RISC-V qemu also has one big problem at
> the moment: it doesn't have any kind of functional networking
> support, so running a buildd in a qemu virtual machine doesn't

if there exists at least support for serial devices (even if there is
only one - the console) - could that be used to set up a pppd link?  i
have frequently then set up dnsmasq and a local HTTP proxy or NAT from

just a thought.


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