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Re: communication intensity in OSS

Hi Martin

Am Freitag, den 02.11.2007, 15:33 +0100 schrieb Martin F. Krafft:
> does anyone know of a journal article which assesses the intensity
> of communication of open-source projects, compared to physical
> organisations? I postulate that it's a lot higher due to mailing
> lists and chat channels, and since it's going on around the clock,

Although we don't compare to COTS development we assessed newsgroup
traffic within the Eclipse community. It's quite a huge number of
messages, over 370'000 over the last 6 years. And these are only support
discussions, developer discussions are on the mailing lists which
account for another +100'000 messages. If you're interested I send you
the paper in a PM.

Also the following papers analyze communication patterns in open and
closed environments: (found in my own JabRef library ;)

Dahlander, L. & Frederiksen, L. (2007). 'Communication And Boundary
Spanning In A Firm-Hosted Online User Community', Imperial College
London, (unpublished)

Constant, D.; Sproull, L. & Kiesler, S. (1996). 'The Kindness Of
Strangers: The Usefulness Of Electronic Weak Ties For Technical Advice',
Organization Science, 7, 119-135. 

Crowston, K. & Howison, J. (2006). 'Hierarchy And Centralization In Free
And Open Source Software Team Communications', Knowledge, Technology,
and Policy, 18, 65-85. 

Moenaert, R. K.; Caeldries, F.; Lievens, A. & Wauters, E. (2000).
'Communication Flows In International Product Innovation Teams', Journal
of Product Innovation Management, 17, 360-377. 

> I am trying to match an older claim to Debian. The claim says that
> ideas spread faster in networks with high values of geographic
> proximity. It seems perfectly sensible that with IRC and mailing
> lists, Debian is actually quite tightly knit, despite the large
> geographic span. Or does anyone disagree with that?

Interesting hypothesis! Stefan Häfliger of our team might know more
literature about this research issue.

Good luck with your literature review, best,


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