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Debian Research

I'm giving a talk at DebConf this year that tries to summarize a buch of
academic research on the Debian project so that folks in the Debian
project know what folks outside of the Debian project (well, not always
outside of the Debian project) have concluded from our work. The goal is
to close the circle so we can improve.

If you've got papers or things you're working on (or if you've seen
something really useful) could you please send me:

 (a) A <1 page summary of your work with an emphasis on your

 (b) Copies of any papers (particularly published ones) that talk our
     base their conclusion based on research of the Debian project;

I got a bunch of this information together from last year when I tried
to give a similar talk but had to cancel. Please, send more information
or resend information if you can. I want to be as current and complete
as possible. Of course, I've also seen the wiki page but it's rather

The talk is planned for the 21st and I arrive at DebConf late on the
18th. If you're going to be at Debconf, I'd like to take some time to
talk to folks on the 19th or 20th. If you'd like to have a part of the
in talk to summarize your own research quickly, I think that would be a
good idea to let me know and I'll mail a meeting time to the lists.


Benjamin Mako Hill

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