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On-going anthropologic research about Debian

Hi all,

It's been two years since I started to look at Debian with social
scientist eyes, and now I started to produce the report of the research.
As I live in Brazil, the text is currently being written in Portuguese,
but I'm already translating it to english as the time passes (with the
help of some perl scripts to provide a gettext-like translation tool).

Well, I just finished translating the first section of the work (still
metodological, not exactly debian-related) and I would like to know
other's opinion on the matter, specially because of some choices I made
in the research, that are explained in this first section already

The research is being developed in a G-Forge-based site called
codigolivre.org.br (freecode, in english) and is licenced under the GNU
GPL. The sources of the research are LaTeX and available at project's
CVS. The translation is being made using a file I called transml which
basically is an XML containing (<translate
and works just like gettext. You need latex, abntex, latex2html, perl,
make, ps2pdf, dvips and the script in #367114 to build the "binaries"
the way I do (there's a Makefile to automate everything).

The website of the research is at (the text in english is at the end of
the page)

The already translated section is available as HTML also (latex2html

Well, the research is free, and I'm accepting patches :)...


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