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Finding a tentative bullseye release date

Dear release team, ftpmasters, press team, cd team, d-i team,

The Release Team believes that the state of bullseye is pretty good.
Yes, there are some blocking bugs [1] and d-i and shim still need some
love, but the state is much better than we remembered from the same time
in buster.

Last time in the buster release cycle, it took quite a while to pick a
release date once it was clear that buster could get released. As we
believe that shorter freeze period are better for the spirit of
contributors to Debian, we'd like to avoid such an unnecessary delay
again, and we'd want to pick a tentative release date. We call it
tentative, because it would be the date where we do the bullseye release
assuming that the identified issues are resolved by then and that we
don't find new blocking issues between now and two weeks before that
proposed date. So, the date would not be the set-in-stone release date,
but obviously it would become more solid as we get near it.

We propose to aim for a release date in May. Would either of the
following work for you and do you have any preference?
- May  1
- May  8
- May 15
- May 22
- May 29



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