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Bug#842506: transition: geos

Package: release.debian.org
Severity: normal
User: release.debian.org@packages.debian.org
Usertags: transition
Control: forwarded -1 https://release.debian.org/transitions/html/auto-geos.html

Dear Release Team,

For the Debian GIS team I'd like to transition to GEOS 3.5.1.

Only the C++ library has changed limiting the affected packages to 4 out
of 22, and all rebuilt successfully with the geos package from
experimental as summarized below.

Transition: geos

 libgeos-c1v5  (3.5.0-4) -> libgeos-c1v5  (3.5.1-1~exp1)
 libgeos-3.5.0 (3.5.0-4) -> libgeos-3.5.1 (3.5.1-1~exp1)

The status of the most recent rebuilds is as follows.

 basemap          (1.0.7+dfsg-4)           SKIP (no C++)
 librttopo        (1.0.0-1)                SKIP (no C++)
 ossim            (          OK
 python-shapely   (1.5.17-1)               SKIP (no C++)
 spatialite       (4.3.0a-5)               SKIP (no C++)

 gdal             (2.1.1+dfsg-5)           SKIP (no C++)
 pyspatialite     (3.0.1-11)               SKIP (no C++)
 spatialite-gui   (2.0.0~devel2-4)         SKIP (no C++)
 spatialite-tools (4.3.0-2)                SKIP (no C++)

 grass            (7.0.5-2)                OK
 imposm           (2.6.0+ds-3)             SKIP (no C++)
 libosmium        (2.9.0-2)                SKIP (header-only)
 mapcache         (1.4.1-3)                SKIP (no C++)
 mapserver        (7.0.2-1)                SKIP (no C++)
 osgearth         (2.7.0+dfsg-2)           SKIP (no C++)
 osmium           (0.0~20160425-e2e4368-2) OK
 pdal             (1.3.0-1)                SKIP (no C++)
 postgis          (2.3.0+dfsg-3)           SKIP (no C++)

 osm2pgsql        (0.90.1+ds-1)            OK
 osmcoastline     (2.1.4-1)                SKIP (no C++)
 pyosmium         (2.9.0-1)                SKIP (no C++)
 qgis             (2.14.7+dfsg-2)          SKIP (no C++)

Kind Regards,


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