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Bug#842288: transition: gdal

Package: release.debian.org
Severity: normal
User: release.debian.org@packages.debian.org
Usertags: transition

Dear Release Team,

For the Debian GIS team I'd like to transition to GDAL 2.1.2.

Like the previous transition to GDAL 2.1.1 (#830966), there is no SONAME
bump, only the virtual ABI package changed to account for the C++ symbol

All reverse dependencies rebuilt successfully with GDAL 2.1.2 from
experimental as summarized below, except mysql-workbench whose build
dependencies are not installable (#840786), but it's not in testing due
to (#839356).

libgdal-grass doesn't need a binNMU as the 2.1.2 version will be
uploaded to unstable instead. liblas likewise doesn't need a binNMU,
the version is experimental will be moved to unstable instead.

Please also binNMU osgearth in experimental as part of the transition.

Ben file:

title = "gdal";
is_affected = .depends ~ /gdal-abi-2-1-[12]/
is_good = .depends ~ "gdal-abi-2-1-2";
is_bad = .depends ~ "gdal-abi-2-1-1";

Transition: gdal

 libgdal20 (2.1.1+dfsg-5) -> libgdal20 (2.1.2+dfsg-1~exp1)
 gdal-abi-2-1-1           -> gdal-abi-2-1-2

The status of the most recent rebuilds is as follows.

 dans-gdal-scripts  (0.23-6)                           OK
 fiona              (1.7.0.post2-1)                    OK
 gazebo             (7.3.1+dfsg-1)                     OK
 gmt                (5.2.1+dfsg-7)                     SKIP (no C++)
 imposm             (2.6.0+ds-3)                       SKIP (no C++)
 libcitygml         (2.0-3)                            OK
 liblas             (1.8.1-2 / 1.8.1-3~exp1)           OK / OK
 libosmium          (2.9.0-2)                          SKIP (no C++)
 mapcache           (1.4.1-3)                          SKIP (no C++)
 mapnik             (3.0.12+ds-1)                      OK
 mapproxy           (1.9.0-3)                          SKIP (no C++)
 mapserver          (7.0.2-1)                          SKIP (no C++)
 merkaartor         (0.18.3+ds-1)                      OK
 mysql-workbench    (6.3.4+dfsg-3)                     BD-UNINST / FTBFS
 ncl                (6.3.0-11)                         SKIP (no C++)
 node-srs           (0.4.8+dfsg-2)                     OK
 octave-mapping     (1.2.1-1)                          OK
 openscenegraph     (3.2.3+dfsg1-2)                    OK
 osmium             (0.0~20160425-e2e4368-2)           SKIP (no C++)
 pdal               (1.3.0-1)                          OK
 postgis            (2.3.0+dfsg-3)                     SKIP (no C++)
 pprepair           (0.0~20160321-87ffae5-1)           OK
 prepair            (0.7-6)                            OK
 qlandkartegt       (1.8.1+ds-7)                       OK
 qmapshack          (1.7.1-1)                          OK
 rasterio           (0.36.0-1)                         OK
 saga               (2.3.1+dfsg-2)                     OK
 sumo               (0.27.1+dfsg1-1)                   OK
 thuban             (1.2.2-11)                         OK
 vtk6               (6.3.0+dfsg1-2)                    OK
 xastir             (2.0.8-2)                          SKIP (no C++)

 grass              (7.0.5-2)                          SKIP (no C++)
 openscenegraph-3.4 (3.4.0+dfsg1-4)                    OK
 osgearth           (2.7.0+dfsg-2 / 2.8.0+dfsg-1~exp1) OK / OK
 osmcoastline       (2.1.4-1)                          OK
 otb                (5.6.1+dfsg-1)                     OK
 pktools            (2.6.7-2)                          OK
 pyosmium           (2.9.0-1)                          SKIP (no C++)

 libgdal-grass      (2.1.1-3 / 2.1.2-1~exp1)           FTBFS / OK
 qgis               (2.14.8+dfsg-1)                    OK

Kind Regards,


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