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Bug#842177: transition: hdf5

Package: release.debian.org
Severity: normal
User: release.debian.org@packages.debian.org
Usertags: transition

Hash: SHA256

Hi Release Team,

I hereby request a transition slot for hdf5 1.10 currently in experimental. This release ships major changes and has its soname bumped from 10 to 100.

Ben file:

title = "hdf5";
is_affected = .depends ~ /libhdf5.*-10([^0]|$)/ | .depends ~ /libhdf5.*-100/;
is_good = .depends ~ /libhdf5.*-100/;
is_bad = .depends ~ /libhdf5.*-10([^0]|$)/;

I've checked the build of every reverse dependencies. These few ones are of concern:
* libsis-jhdf5-java : unmaintained upstream - low popcon
* pytables : doesn't support new hdf5 API - popcon about 3000 - no reverse dependencies
* yorick-hdf5 : desing flaw - no support for 64bits integers - popcon about 300 - no reverse dependencies
* insighttoolkit4 : in progress; looking for a box with enough RAM - rather low popcon
* ants : in progress; build depends on insighttoolkit4 - raher low popcon

- From the above packages, the only real concern is pytables. A discussion is ongoing on debian-science@d.o, and I'm confident we'll find a solution before the Stretch freeze.

Full report:
===[ Dependency level 0 ]=====
hdf5:					binnmu OK
nanopolish:				binnmu OK
octave-communications:			binnmu OK
===[ Dependency level 1 ]=====
chemps2: hdf5				patch provided via #841954
field3d: hdf5				binnmu OK
freefem++: hdf5				binnmu OK
h5py: hdf5				binnmu OK
h5utils: hdf5				binnmu OK
hdf-eos5: hdf5				binnmu OK
ismrmrd: hdf5				patch provided via #841959
jhdf: hdf5				binnmu OK
libcgns: hdf5				binnmu OK
libgpiv: hdf5				patch provided via #841962
libmatio: hdf5				binnmu OK
libmstoolkit: hdf5			binnmu OK
libpdl-io-hdf5-perl: hdf5		patch provided via #841963
libsis-jhdf5-java: hdf5			KO hard coded hid_t as jint all over the source; upstream site dead (http://wiki-bsse.ethz.ch/)
libvigraimpex: hdf5			binnmu OK
mapsembler2: hdf5			binnmu OK
med-fichier: hdf5			patch provided via #841964
meep: hdf5				binnmu OK
meep-lam4: hdf5				binnmu OK
meep-mpi-default: hdf5			binnmu OK
meep-mpich2: hdf5			binnmu OK
meep-openmpi: hdf5			binnmu OK
mpb: hdf5				binnmu OK
ncbi-vdb: hdf5				binnmu OK
netcdf: hdf5				binnmu OK
nexus: hdf5				binnmu OK
octave: hdf5				binnmu OK
opengm: hdf5				binnmu OK
pbseqlib: hdf5				binnmu OK
pytables: hdf5				KO - doesn't support hdf5-1.10 yet
r-cran-hdf5: hdf5			binnmu OK
seer: hdf5				binnmu OK
shark: hdf5				binnmu OK
shogun: hdf5				FTBFS unrelated to hdf5 - not in testing - #809290
silo-llnl: hdf5				binnmu OK
slurm-llnl: hdf5			binnmu OK
stimfit: hdf5				binnmu OK
tessa: hdf5				FTBFS unrelated to hdf5 - not in testing - #817690
trilinos: hdf5				binnmu OK
xdmf: hdf5				binnmu OK
yorick-hdf5: hdf5			KO Yorick doesn't support 64bits integers (hid_t)
===[ Dependency level 2 ]=====
adios: hdf5 netcdf			binnmu OK
aster: hdf5 med-fichier			FTBFS unrelated to hdf5 - not in testing - #837915
blasr: hdf5 pbseqlib			binnmu OK
cmor: hdf5 netcdf			binnmu OK
code-saturne: hdf5 libcgns med-fichier	binnmu OK
comet-ms: libmstoolkit			binnmu OK
deal.ii: hdf5 netcdf trilinos		BD uninstallable - not in testing
gdal: hdf5 netcdf			binnmu OK
grads: hdf5 netcdf			binnmu OK
grib-api: hdf5 netcdf			binnmu OK
labplot: hdf5 netcdf			binnmu OK
libminc: hdf5 netcdf			patch provided via #841970
mathgl: hdf5 octave			binnmu OK
nco: netcdf				binnmu OK
ncview: netcdf				binnmu OK
netcdf4-python: hdf5 netcdf		binnmu OK
octave-netcdf: netcdf			binnmu OK
ovito: hdf5 netcdf			binnmu OK
paraview: hdf5 netcdf xdmf		binnmu OK
psi4: chemps2 hdf5			binnmu OK
pygpiv: hdf5 libgpiv			binnmu OK
python-shogun: hdf5 shogun		binnmu OK
r-cran-ncdf4: netcdf			binnmu OK
ruby-hdfeos5: hdf-eos5 hdf5		binnmu OK
ruby-netcdf: netcdf			binnmu OK
scilab: hdf5 libmatio			patch provided via #841975 + need ocaml binnmu #841938
vips: libmatio				binnmu OK
===[ Dependency level 3 ]=====
gmt: gdal netcdf			binnmu OK
gnudatalanguage: grib-api hdf5 netcdf	patch provided via #841971
grass: gdal netcdf			binnmu OK
insighttoolkit4: hdf5 libminc		IN PROGRESS
magics++: grib-api hdf5 netcdf		binnmu OK
minc-tools: hdf5 libminc netcdf		patch provided via #841972
ncl: gdal hdf-eos5 hdf5 netcdf		binnmu OK
pdal: gdal hdf5				binnmu OK
syrthes: code-saturne hdf5 med-fichier	binnmu OK
vtk6: gdal hdf5 netcdf			binnmu OK
===[ Dependency level 4 ]=====
ants: hdf5 insighttoolkit4		IN PROGRESS
cdo: grib-api hdf5 magics++ netcdf	binnmu OK
dolfin: hdf5 vtk6			binnmu OK
ifrit: vtk6				binnmu OK
metview: grib-api hdf5 magics++ netcdf	binnmu OK
mia: hdf5 vtk6				binnmu OK
odin: hdf5 ismrmrd vtk6			FTBFS unrelated to hdf5 - not in testing - #835746
openmeeg: libmatio vtk6			binnmu OK

Thanks in advance,




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