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Bug#841203: libfl_pic.a needs more than a binNMU

Control: reopen -1

> #837658 is different from many other PIE issues:
> This is a _pic.a library that includes the non-PIC objects instead of 
> the PIC objects it should contain.
> A binNMU with -fPIE would not fix the root cause that this library is 
> supposed to contain PIC code.
> See the flex README.Debian for background.

while this might be true, in practice it works.
I did a no change binNMU of flex, and now the reverse dependencies can be built correctly.

So, please binNMU and feel free to study flex issue more deeply if you care
(right now there is a libfl.a and libfl_pic.a with the same md5sum, so binNMUing it
won't make things worse, but fix at least reverse-dependencies)



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