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Re: [debian-mysql] final decision about MySQL r-deps needed / cleaning up the MySQL mess


2016-10-17 22:01 GMT+03:00 Rene Engelhard <rene@debian.org>:
> This means I'll orphan mysql-connector-c++ (well, remove myself from Uploaders:,
> which makes it having no Uploader at all). Dmitry, if you want/need it
> for mysql-connector-c++ feel free to add yourself and upload 1.1.7 to whatever
> you want and it actually works.
> For LO, I disabled libreoffice-mysql-connector.

I didn't find a package called mysql-connector-c++, is it already removed?

I only found this:

The package seems to contain mysqlc.uno.so - this is unique to
LibreOffice? I didn't quite understand why you cannot build against
libariadbclient-dev or using the mariadb-connector-c?

- Otto

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