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Bug#840378: #840378: another stable update

On 2016-10-17 1:03, Adam Borowski wrote:
Hi guys!

I see we have two different stable update attempts for openbox, both
versioned 3.5.2-8+deb8u1:
* NMU by Salvatore Bonaccorso fixing #808138
* maintainer upload by Mateusz Łukasik fixing #838326 (RFS #841017)

I have no opinion about appropriateness of both updates, but as they seem to be independent, combining them is trivial. Could we have a word from the
SRMs as to whether both, or any, of these updates would be acked?

If you're more patient, sure. The older of the two requests appears to be less than a week old.

I guess two updates in a single point release would be a bad idea, thus
there's a need to coordinate.

Two updates is fine, but would indeed need co-ordination as one would have to build on top of the other.



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