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Re: Stretch freeze and the possible future upload of MATE 1.18

Hi Vlad,

thanks for taking this initiative of communication. Much appreciated.

I try to give some answers, Niels may jump in and correct me, if necessary.

On  Fr 07 Okt 2016 14:51:47 CEST, Vlad Orlov wrote:


It depends on what the MATE release includes. If it involves a
transition (e.g. ABI / API bumps), then you are looking at 5th of
November as deadline.

Hmm... does it mean changes in soname of some library from MATE
that will cause package name change? E.g. libmate-desktop-2.so ->
libmate-desktop-3.so, then package libmate-desktop-2-17 would have
its name changed too.

Yes. And all packages build-depending on libmate-desktop-dev would require to be rebuilt.

In MATE this is non-criticial as long as only MATE packages B-D on libmate-desktop-dev. But if there is any package outside of the Debian MATE team's scope, then this gets nasty so close to the freeze.

Or does something else count as transition? E.g. if some of MATE
packages would change dependency from libmateweather to libgweather.

No. This should be fine.

Otherwise, I strongly recommend using early/mid-December as the latest
deadline upstream.  That way the MATE packaging has 2-3 weeks to get it
uploaded plus another 2-3 to fix any bugs without any extra hassle.  I
assume here that there is no need for new packages (based on your input

Yes, there's no plan to add new packages into MATE.

Ok. Good.

So December means we need to meet soft freeze date (2017-01-05)?
That is, if we already handled the transitions.

By this date, packages have to be landed in testing. So, they have to be uploaded to unstable "a couple of days" earlier. With the last freeze for jessie, there was 10 days delay for the migration of packages from unstable to testing. IIRC.

Are new upstream versions allowed into Testing between soft freeze
and full freeze (provided that these are only new versions, not new

IIRC, this was possible with review by someone from the release team. As the MATE upstream team is really careful and minimal with the changes in point release, I'd say all potential upstream releases of MATE within one release series (i.e. within 1.16 or 1.18) would be good candidates for receiving permission to be uploaded.

Please remember to coordinate with the MATE packaging team so they have
time to upload it to unstable and let it migrate.

Yes, sure. I just wanted to gather all the necessary info first,
mostly to understand it myself. :)

Personally, I'd prefer to start consolidating MATE 1.16 now and I would love to see it long term supported by upstream. I know that some MATE packages will face some major changes for 1.18 (e.g. Caja being ported to GtkApplication class). For Debian stretch, would it be an option (asking upstream here) to only include some MATE packages from 1.18 and leave the rest at 1.16? Or another approach, would it make sense to have 1.16 micro releases with bigger patchsets than usual?


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