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Bug#839907: jessie-pu: package metar/20061030.1-2+b3

Control: tags -1 + moreinfo

On 2016-10-06 10:58, Daniel Lange wrote:
The NOAA weather service changed the URL for their service so metar fails
as reported (and fixed) in #833655 for unstable/testing.
The package is only usable with an URL-override by setting the METAURL
environment variable as is.

The backport of the minimum set of changes from 20061030.1-2.2 is a bit
lengthy as this includes debhelper -> dh / quilt to get the patches to apply
cleanly and stay with what we have in testing / unstable.

What's the problem with applying the patches against the existing jessie package? Build sytem changes generally aren't appropriate for updates in stable.

The d/changelog should add a mention the bug-number this email creates.

Not really. There's no need for the changelog for a stable update to mention the release.d.o bug at all.



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