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Bug#828097: Possible to keep old tidy?

(not sure why this bug is still open)

>The upgrade of tidy to the newer version breaks what MediaWiki expects
>(see test failures:
><https://people.wikimedia.org/~legoktm/tidy-failures.log>), and updating
>MediaWiki to be compatible with the newer tidy isn't an option either:

>>So is it possible to keep the older version of tidy around? Preferably
>also via the php-tidy library, though I'm not sure exactly how that
>integration would work.

I really don't think this is possible.
There can be only one tidy implementation, and we have maintainer choose
the actively maintained one (also Fedora did, and I'm sure other distro too).

Fix the code with the new library is your best solution.
Or make somebody upload the old tidy with a different library name, and patch
the code to use that one.
(I would oppose such bad way to deal with a library update btw)


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