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Re: RC bug status for perl packages (re '.' in @INC removal)

On 26/07/16 00:52, Dominic Hargreaves wrote:
> On Mon, Jul 25, 2016 at 06:34:01PM +0200, Emilio Pozuelo Monfort wrote:
>> On 25/07/16 17:20, Dominic Hargreaves wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> As you will see from the below DSA, a class of vulnerabilities in
>>> perl programs has been announced today. We have fixed the worst parts of
>>> this in Debian, but ultimately we'd like to (in keeping with upstream's
>>> intentions for 5.26) remove the current directory from the module search
>>> path altogether.
>>> At the moment, this would cause around 40 packages to FTBFS (that was
>>> the number of jessie - it will be a bit different for sid).
>> The advisory only mentions about a dozen packages. Is that estimate of ~40 accurate?
> The confusion here is that the recent update did two things; it fixed
> some known vulnerabilities, and also paved the way for being able
> to remove '.' from @INC in the future (by allowing perl itself to build,
> and fixing some of the toolchain - ie debhelper, cdbs, libmodule-build-perl).
> This brought the number of FTBFS packages with '.' removed down from a
> few hundred to ~ 40. The remaining 40 need individual uploads to fix.
> I think most of them should be fairly easy to patch.
>>> In the near term, changing the default is a matter of uncommenting a line
>>> in a conffile (and can therefore be easily reverted by the user if needed).
>>> I'd like to upload such a change to sid ASAP (probably just after the
>>> initial sid upload, due any minute now, migrates to testing). If the
>>> impact of that measured against sid/stretch is manageable, we'd also like
>>> to consider making the change by default in a future point release,
>>> although the number of packages that need updates may still be too large;
>>> we'd obviously discuss that with you in the normal way via a transition
>>> bug.
>>> Are you happy for us to introduce such a change in sid later this week,
>>> and start filing RC bugs about problems in other packages caused by
>>> the change?
>> Are these problems to difficult to change? This should be fine, but if you can
>> give an approximate list of affected packages that would be appreciated.
> I think they're mostly pretty easy - eg adding -I. to explicit Makefile.PL
> invocations in old style rules files, and so on.
> Here is the list from our jessie testing:
> kdesrc-build_1.15.1-1
> kgb-bot_1.33-2
> libalgorithm-dependency-perl_1.110-1
> libcache-simple-timedexpiry-perl_0.27-2
> libclass-c3-perl_0.26-1
> libclass-c3-xs-perl_0.13-2
> libclass-default-perl_1.51-2
> libconfig-record-perl_1.1.2-1
> libdevel-declare-parser-perl_0.17-1
> libfile-nfslock-perl_1.24-1
> libfile-userconfig-perl_0.06-2
> libfilter-eof-perl_0.04-2
> libgraph-writer-dsm-perl_0.006-1
> libhtml-html5-parser-perl_0.301-1
> libimage-info-perl_1.28-1
> libintl-perl_1.23-1
> liblocal-lib-perl_2.000014-1
> liblwp-authen-wsse-perl_0.05-2
> libmethod-alias-perl_1.03-1
> libmp3-info-perl_1.24-1
> libnet-ldap-filterbuilder-perl_1.0004-1
> libnet-proxy-perl_0.12-6
> libpoe-component-client-ident-perl_1.07-2
> libpoe-component-server-simplehttp-perl_2.18-1
> libtest-file-perl_1.41-1
> libtheschwartz-perl_1.07-1
> libvalidate-net-perl_0.6-1
> makepp_2.0.98.5-1
> munin_2.0.25-1
> net-telnet-cisco_1.10-5
> ocsinventory-agent_2.0.5-1
> ooolib-perl_0.1.9-1
> pari_2.7.2-1
> pdl_2.007-4
> rt-extension-calendar_0.17-1
> rt-extension-spawnlinkedticketinqueue_0.06-1
> slack_0.15.2-6
> spamassassin_3.4.0-6
> xemacs21-packages_2009.02.17.dfsg.2-2
> xmltv_0.5.63-2
> The list might of course be shorter for sid as more rules files will
> have been modernised.

OK. That should be fine. Let's get this issue finally fixed.


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