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Bug#786860: jessie-pu: package python-dbusmock/0.11.4-1+deb8u1

Control: tags -1 + pending

On 2015-05-26 8:34, Martin Pitt wrote:
there is a low-impact security issue in python-dbusmock, which is
described in detail on https://launchpad.net/bugs/1453815. I
originally prepared a stable-security upload, but the security team
(CC'ed Salvatore) asked this to be handled as a normal stable update

So I filed https://bugs.debian.org/786858 with a summary and proper
version tracking, and uploaded python-dbusmock 0.11.4-1+deb8u1 to
stable with the backported fix. This is fixed in 0.15.1-1 in
testing/unstable, oldstable does not have python-dbusmock.

Flagged for acceptance.



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