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Bug#760003: transition: qt-gstreamer

On 21/05/15 02:22, Diane Trout wrote:
>> The transition started and scheduled some rebuilds, but ktp-call-ui failed
>> to build against the new qt-gstreamer:
>> https://buildd.debian.org/status/logs.php?pkg=ktp-call-ui&ver=0.8.1-1%2Bb1
>> What needs to happen here?
> I'd like to solve the FTBFS by releasing kde-telepathy 0.9. 
> I've been privately building the 0.9 version of call-ui with qt-gstreamer 1.x 
> while I was waiting for the Jessie freeze to finish, so the new version should 
> work with qt-gstreamer 1.x
> (I'm currently rebuilding the ktp 0.9 packages with the version of qt-
> gstreamer in sid instead of my own copy)

OK good. We need a fixed telepathy-qt though (see #786391).


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