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Re: 8.1 (and maybe 7.9) planning

On 13947 March 1977, Adam D. Barratt wrote:
>> > As seems to have become the norm, now that Jessie's out it's time to
>> > start planning for the first point release.
>> > We're also a little overdue for 7.9 as Jessie work took precedence; 7.9
>> > really wants to take place after 8.1, as we have some packages for 
>> > which pu > opu > stable.
> Based on received responses and the current date, I'm proposing June 6th
> for 8.1 (and then looking at other dates for 7.9). Does that still work
> for people?

Sounds ok to me. Start at 10 UTC or earlier/later?

bye, Joerg

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