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Bug#779878: nmu: binutils-z80_4 binutils-mingw-w64_5.1 binutils-arm-none-eabi_5 possibly others

On 05/03/15 22:45, Ansgar Burchardt wrote:
> Package: release.debian.org
> Severity: normal
> User: release.debian.org@packages.debian.org
> Usertags: binnmu
> Hi,
> as I saw binutils_2.25-5 got unblocked, I was wondering weather the
> binutils-* packages built from binutils-source should be rebuilt
> aginst the new version targeting Jessie?
> There are binutils-{z80,mingw-w64,arm-none-eabi} currently in the
> archive and built against older versions of binutils (cf. [1]).
> The gcc-{arm-non-eabi,mingw-w64} packages are in the same situation,
> so are gdb-{arm-none-eabi,avr,mingw-w64} (though for some of the
> latter only the Debian revision of gdb changed).
> Finally there's also gnat-4.9.
>   nmu binutils-z80_4 . ALL . -m "Rebuilt against binutils 2.25-5."
>   nmu binutils-mingw-w64_5.1 . ALL . -m "Rebuilt against binutils 2.25-5."
>   nmu binutils-arm-none-eabi_5 . ALL . -m "Rebuilt against binutils 2.25-5."

These three happened in time for jessie.

gnat-4.9 didn't. It was built against gcc-4.9_4.9.2-2, but we only ship
gcc4-.9_4.9.2-10 in stable AFAICS. That seems odd.

I haven't checked gcc-*. Is this such an issue that we should do the binNMUs for


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