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Kernel ABI bumps in stable point releases

I'd like to revive my proposal that the kernel team should not attempt
to keep the kernel ABI stable across point releases, but only do so in
jessie-security (i.e. maintain the ABI implemented in the preceding
point release).  This would apply starting with jessie.

We discussed this at DebConf 13; see
https://penta.debconf.org/penta/schedule/dc13/event/1017.en.html and

The problems I identified were (a) APT configuration and other packages
prevented auto-removal of unused kernel packages and could lead to a
full /boot filesystem, and (b) rebuilding OOT modules would be a burden
for users and administrators.  However the APT configuration was already
fixed at that time in unstable.

In jessie, the virtual package 'linux-image' is no longer provided, so
(a) is solved, aside from binary module packages (but not DKMS module
packages) that depend on the old kernel packages.  (b) is not, but a
requirement to rebuild OOT modules at point releases seems like a
relatively minor burden.  Most other distributions have this
requirement, and point releases are announced so this shouldn't be too
surprising (except maybe the first time).

One downside for us as maintainers would be that we couldn't merge from
jessie(-proposed-updates) to jessie-security except straight after a
point release.  (We have sometimes done the corresponding merge for
squeeze and wheezy.)


Ben Hutchings
Never put off till tomorrow what you can avoid all together.

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