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Bug#785349: transition: hiredis

On 15/05/15 06:10, Tom Lee wrote:
> Package: release.debian.org
> Severity: normal
> User: release.debian.org@packages.debian.org
> Usertags: transition
> Hello, I'd like to request a transition slot from the release team.
> The libhiredis SONAME changed in the latest release from upstream,
> indicating ABI-incompatible changes to the library. Updating the binary
> package to reflect the new SONAME. libhiredis0.13 has been uploaded to
> experimental by my sponsor.
> I couldn't quite figure out how to get the Ben file reportbug generated
> for me below to give me a list of dependent packages (this is my first
> request for a transition), but I pulled this list from apt-cache
> rdepends if that's at all useful:
> zmap
> webdis
> syslog-ng-mod-redis
> ruby-hiredis
> rspamd
> rfc5766-turn-server
> python-hiredis
> ntopng
> kamailio-redis-modules
> libhiredis-dev
> libhiredis-dbg
> coturn

Have you tested that they build fine against the new version of the library?


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