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Adding new packages to the key package list

Dear release team,

Right now, the release management includes building an image for OpenStack. To do this, we need openstack-debian-images and all of its (build-)depends, plus all of the packages it installs in the image. The list of packages is as follow:

sudo, adduser, locales, extlinux, openssh-server, linux-image-amd64, euca2ools, file, kbd, cloud-init, cloud-utils, cloud-initramfs-growroot, dbus, libpam-systemd

I guess lots of the above are already marked as key packages, so without checking, this would make the below list:

euca2ools, file, kbd, cloud-init, cloud-utils, openstack-debian-images, cloud-initramfs-tools

(I'm not sure if file and kbd are already key packages or not...)

I'd like to suggest to make these as key packages, so that the process of building the OpenStack image weekly doesn't break, which would break the whole process which also builds the ISO images.

Your thoughts?


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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