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Bug#784801: jessie-pu: package cproto/4.7l-4

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On Fri, 2015-05-08 at 18:17 -0500, Kenneth Pronovici wrote:
> In April of 2013 (version 4.7j-7), I converted cproto to debhelper 7.
> In the process, I accidentally lost the only option I was passing to
> configure (--enable-llib).  As a result, I disabled the -X command-line
> option.   This means there is a functional regression between wheezy
> (version 4.7j-5) and jessie (version 4.7l-3).  The manpage is also
> wrong.  See bug #784719.
> A few minutes ago, I uploaded version 4.7l-4 to unstable.  The diff vs.
> 4.7l-3 (in jessie) is attached as debian.diff.  The only change is to
> pass the missing --enable-llib configure option.

Thanks for that.

The patch looks okay in isolation, but the more interesting and useful
diff is between the package in jessie and the one that you're proposing
to upload to p-u. That should be versioned as either 4.7l-3+deb8u1 or
-4~deb8u1 depending on whether you add the patch to the jessie package
or rebuild (and test) the unstable package in a jessie environment.



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