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cproto regression in jessie

Dear Stable Release Team,

In April of 2013 (version 4.7j-7), I converted cproto to debhelper 7.
In the process, I accidentally lost the only option I was passing to
configure (--enable-llib).  As a result, I disabled the -X
command-line option.   This means there is a functional regression
between wheezy (version 4.7j-5) and jessie (version 4.7l-3), and the
manpage is also wrong.  (See bug #784719, filed yesterday.)

I will upload a fix to unstable sometime soon.  I am writing to see
whether it would be possible to fix this regression in jessie with an
upload to proposed-updates-new.  The only change I intend to make
between 4.7l-3 and 4.7l-4 is to fix debian/rules to properly pass the
--enable-llib flag.

The changes between upstream versions 4.7j and 4.7l are minor and do
not involve the functionality controlled by --enable-llib.   So, the
behavior in 4.7l-4 (proposed for jessie) should be the same as we saw
in 4.7j-5 (wheezy).  If you would like, I can provide a diff between
the two upstream versions, so you can see the specific changes that
were made.

Thanks for your advice,


Kenneth J. Pronovici <pronovic@debian.org>

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