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Re: 8.1 (and maybe 7.9) planning


Adam D. Barratt <adam@adam-barratt.org.uk> (2015-04-30):
> As seems to have become the norm, now that Jessie's out it's time to
> start planning for the first point release.

AFAICT there haven't been too many reports of d-i being badly broken, so
there's not much to be fixed. Here's a quick brain dump for jessie:
 - win32-loader is in the pu pipes already.
 - we might want to have hw-detect as well because acpi and friends,
   even if there's some discussion still taking place in #783247 after
   an upload to unstable.
 - it'd be nice to have a tasksel fix to allow gnome && xfce to be
   coinstalled (foo → foo | bar in depends for a single package), even
   though the fix isn't in unstable yet.
 - I see gnutls28, linux, and wpa in pu; some testing couldn't hurt.

What am I forgetting about?

(I had noted down to maybe look into #781439 and #744865 but that hasn't
happened yet.)

> We're also a little overdue for 7.9 as Jessie work took precedence;
> 7.9 really wants to take place after 8.1, as we have some packages for
> which pu > opu > stable.

Besides the debootstrap pu for wheezy (already in the pipes), I don't
think I've got anything planned for wheezy.

> Suggested dates (all of which appear to be okay for me currently):

Keeping in mind testing d-i against stuff that's in pu (notably linux)
should probably happen ahead of the release dates, let's see how much
I'm available for the said dates…

> May 23/24

Offline-ish on May 23.

> May 30/31


> June 6/7

Offline on June 6, offline-ish on June 7.

> June 13/14

Offline-ish on June 13.

> June 20/21



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