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Bug#689157: unblock: mediawiki-extensions/2.8

Adam D. Barratt dixit:

>    Updating mediawiki-extensions-base introduces new bugs: #686190
>Asking for an unblock that reintroduces an RC bug in to wheezy is a
>little unusual, to say the least.

It actually fixes that one.

>release team ever suggesting that they would be accepted and I thought
>our policy on adding new packages to the release during the freeze was
>fairly clear.

Right, but I didn’t know (at that point) it boiled down to adding
a new package.

>If people were relying on nodejs and anything depending on it being

I also wasn’t realising it waited on nodejs, and by the point I
talked to the JS maintainers, it looked like things would be fixed

>> So I respectfully ask that the
>> Release Team consider mediawiki-extensions/2.7 already accepted
>> and just not transitioned due to misinformation.
>There was no misinformation, at least on the part of the release team.
>If you believe there was, please provide documentary evidence of such.

Misinformation on my side. I didn’t realise the full impact of what
should have been a simple JS package. I also was struggling trying to
balance between FusionForge, pkg-mediawiki and a sometimes helpful,
sometimes stressful MediaWiki upstream at the same time (besides the
other dayjob stuff), so I admit not digging as deep as possible as
early as I could have done.

>There appears to have been a misunderstanding, but I'm not convinced
>that qualifies for ignoring changes relative to the current wheezy

The alternative would be removing src:mediawiki-extensions from
wheezy, which would be a very bad thing from a user’s PoV as I
already explained, or (worse) keeping a broken version (hence,
the src:mediawiki upload adding Breaks for such versions).

To my defence, I have been running those versions for a while
now, and they look good (otherwise I’d not have asked to have
them unblocked).

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