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Bug#684355: unblock: autofs/5.0.6-3

Control: retitle -1 unblock: autofs/5.0.7-1

>> Please unblock package autofs
>> There are a few relatively small changes fixing some bugs
>> and making the package more accurate.  Also, per request
>> from the previous maintainer, debian/control is changed
>> to list new maintainer address - this is important change
>> by its own.
> I uploaded the package into unstable, adding a few more
> changes on the way - manpage hyphen fix and usage of hardening
> flags.  The new debdiff is attached.

We reviewed remaining upstream changes between 5.0.6 and 5.0.7
releases (debian 5.0.6-2+ package was based on a middle of 5.0.7
upstream release) and realized that all changes in 5.0.7 and even
PAST 5.0.7 are bugfixes, and many are important as well.

So we went on and packaged upstream release 5.0.7 plus almost
all past-5.0.7 changes from upstream git.

Since the amount of bugs in autofs is really huge, any bugfixing
is important, that's why we decided to package 5.0.7 to start

Complete debdiff between 5.0.6-2 which is currently in wheezy and
proposed 5.0.7-1 is large:

 72 files changed, 3611 insertions(+), 7322 deletions(-)

but this is because we initially included half of the upstream
git changes past 5.0.6, debian/patches/autofs-5.0.6-upstream-git.patch,
which was 6015 lines long, and with all that now is within various
files in orig.tar.gz.  Actual differences between upstream 5.0.7
and debian 5.0.6+ is this:

 31 files changed, 744 insertions(+), 574 deletions(-)

this since commit 09d4edb2469f9415f6ca33760d83b3c85b517de7,
"autofs-5.0.6 - fix libtirpc name clash":


in there, basically, all changes between 2012-06-28 (by Leonardo Chiquitto)
and up to release_5_0_7 tag.

We also included 4 out of 5 fixes past 5.0.7 in there - omitting
a larger, ipv6-related change "fix ipv6 proximity calculation",
which has some breaking potential.

Here's the changelog since 5.0.6-2 (wheezy) version:

autofs (5.0.7-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * new upstream (5.0.7) release.  It brings the following changes:
    - fixed remount deadlock, and several other locking fixes
    - fixed umount recovery for busy direct mounts
    - removed old code (mount-move which was fixed in 5.0.6-4 #686438)
    - fix hosts lookup module to be more robust
    - implemented abilty to re-read indirect maps on the fly (sighup)
    - fixes for nfs handling to be more robust
    - several fixes for multi-mount entries
    - several fixes for NFSv4 mounts (Closes: #675798)
    and a few more small/misc fixes.  This is all-bugfix changes, making
    the code more robust and less buggy.
  * removed --disable-mount-move configure option, not needed anymore.
  * removed autofs-5.0.6-upstream-git.patch.
  * refreshed manpages-hyphen.patch.
  * added selected fixes from upstream git, up to upstream/master commit
    - 0001-autofs-5.0.7-fix-nobind-sun-escaped-map-entries.patch (Closes: #678408)
    - 0002-autofs-5.0.7-fix-use-cache-entry-after-free-mistake.patch
    - 0004-autofs-5.0.7-fix-parse-buffer-initialization.patch
    - 0005-autofs-5.0.7-fix-typo-in-automount-8.patch
  * added remove-kernel-mount.nfs-version-check.patch to stop automount from
    checking for very old mount.nfs or kernel.  The check isn't necessary
    (that's pre-squeeze versions, so not even versioned Breaks are needed
    anymore), but it is also harmful, since automount spawns mount.nfs at
    startup and confuses upstart and systemd who start tracking wrong
    process.  The patch just removes these checks assuming we always use
    recent enough versions.  (Closes: #678555)

 -- Michael Tokarev <mjt@tls.msk.ru>  Wed, 26 Sep 2012 21:15:05 +0400

autofs (5.0.6-4) unstable; urgency=low

  * configure with --disable-mount-move -- upstream even removed the
    code in question for 5.0.7 release (Closes: #686438)
  * remove autofs5.postrm in autofs.postinst to cope with old maintscript
    removing our configfiles.  See comments in autofs.postinst for more
    details (Closes: #686146)
  * added allow-nsswitch.conf-to-not-contain-automount-lines.patch
    (submitted to upstream too) to stop automount from complaining
    when nsswitch.conf does not mention autofs (which is almost every
    install anyway).  (Closes: #682266, #602090)

 -- Michael Tokarev <mjt@tls.msk.ru>  Sat, 22 Sep 2012 13:07:46 +0400

autofs (5.0.6-3) unstable; urgency=low

  [Michael Tokarev]
  * almost completely rewrote the startup script, make it cleaner,
    consistent and actually returning proper exit codes.  Removed
    $"" constructs too, dash apparently does not understand these.
    (Closes: #677520, #683936)
  * transfer ownership of ucf-conffiles forcibly only if they're
    owned by autofs5, not by any other package.
  * run ucf --purge in postrm only if it is installed, and in the
    right order too (Closes: #685468)
  * added filagdir.patch - fix a typo in configure.in which prevents
    from specifying runtime directory (Closes: #678384)
  * use /var/run not /run for runtime files (we don't really need
    it to be available on upgrade, before initscripts et all has
    been replaced) (Closes: #682675)

  [Dmitry Smirnov]
  * setting current team leader as Maintainer
  * pass CPPFLAGS to fix "hardening-no-fortify-functions"
  * new fix-ldflags.patch to avoid dropping LDFLAGS in order to
    fix "hardening-no-relro"
  * updated manpages-hyphen.patch

 -- Michael Tokarev <mjt@tls.msk.ru>  Sat, 25 Aug 2012 16:13:02 +0400

Debdiff between wheezy and sid version will be sent in a separate
email, since it is large.  The same but without upstream changes
(which are easily visible in the git tree referenced above) and
the removal of half-5.0.7 upstream diff from debian/patches is
below.  The diffstat for this short version:

 16 files changed, 489 insertions(+), 86 deletions(-)

Since first unblock request, we fixed several more bugs too,
as outlined in the changelog above.

Please consider unblocking the package.

unblock autofs/5.0.7-1

Thank you for your time!


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