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Re: libusb upload to testing-proposed-updates

Hello Marcin,

Marcin Owsiany <porridge@debian.org> (22/09/2012):
> I've already NMUed libusb 2:0.1.12-23+nmu1 to sid to fix RC bug
> #668026 there. However I've also discovered the bug is present in the
> version currently in testing (2:0.1.12-20). I suppose the changes in -21
> to -23 are not meant/eligible for inclusion in testing, so I'd like to
> upload 2:0.1.12-20+nmu1 (interdiff attached) to testing-proposed-updates.
> Please let me know if this looks good.

as far as d-i is concerned, I'm not sure we really need the udeb flag fix,
so I think I like the t-p-u approach with a minimal diff very much. I'll
let somebody else from -release comment on the diff itself though (I think
we'll want a different suffix, for one thing).


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