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Re: Bug#688804: m4 can accidentally link to libsigsegv


[ Cc: debian-release for advice ].

I have received this report which is really two different bugs:

A) The initial one reported by Igor: Building m4 creates a package
linked with libsigsegv or not depending on the environment. This
should never happen in a Debian package and that's why we have
Build-Depends, Build-Conflicts and so on. A Debian package, when built,
should always create the "same" .deb.

B) The "real fix" by Eric: m4 should really be linked against libsigsegv.

Release managers: Is it too late in the freeze to fix B? (The patch
would be very small, it would be a matter of adding a Build-Depends).

In case it is too late: May I fix bug A in wheezy at least? (In this
case the .deb would not change in functionality, but the build process
would never create a different .deb by accident).


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