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Bug#688557: unblock: uswsusp/1.0+20110509-3

On 23/09/12 19:06, Adam D. Barratt wrote:
On Sun, 2012-09-23 at 18:43 +0200, Rodolfo García Peñas wrote:
This new version fixes some debconf template translations.
The current version at testing don't have all the debconf translations
done (only 48/50), and this new version includes all the translations
for the required languages included in Wheezy (fr ru de pt sv cs es da).
It also introduces a new translatable string which is missing
translations for eu, fi, gl, pt_BR, ro and vi; is there a plan to fix

we sent a request for translation for all languages, but we didn't get reply for these languages (we were waiting some time extra after the request deadline). I don't have problems to include these translations but they are not mandatory for Wheezy (and we cannot wait forever).

kix@hakata:~/diff$ debdiff uswsusp_1.0+20110509-2_i386.changes uswsusp_1.0+20110509-3_i386.changes
The debdiff requested there is of the source packages - that means you
need to pass the .dsc files as arguments, not the .changes.

Ok, now is included (as gzip, is so big).



Thanks Adam,


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