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Re: [squeeze] Critical update of postgresql-common (data loss)

On 21.09.2012 10:05, Christoph Berg wrote:
+postgresql-common (113squeeze1) stable; urgency=high

"113+squeeze1" is more conventional, unless there's something odd with the build system not handling that.

+  [ Martin Pitt ]
+  * pg_ctlcluster: Do not remove the PID file after SIGKILLing the
+ postmaster in the "last-ditch effort to shut down" in --force mode. This + is a potentially dangerous thing to do when trying to start a second + postmaster in parallel while the first one is still being shut down. + (see http://archives.postgresql.org/pgsql-general/2012-07/msg00475.php)
+    Cherry-picked from version 133 (bzr r1181). (Closes: #686060)
+  [ Christoph Berg ]
+  * Update Vcs URLs and Maintainer fields for group maintenance.

With the version note above, please go ahead, bearing in mind that the acceptance window for 6.0.6 closes over the weekend; thanks.



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