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Bug#688266: pu: package policyd-weight/

On Thu, 2012-09-20 at 23:10 +0200, Werner Detter wrote:
> The policyd-weight package in stable should be updated as it still uses a
> non functional DNSBL. Furthermore the DNSBL's from rfc-ignorant.org will
> be shut down on 2012-11-30 (the announcement from the lists operator can
> be found here: http://rfc-ignorant.org/endofanera.php)
> To prevent false positives with those DNSBL's I'd like to update the stable
> package. I've backported two patches from the policyd-weight package in
> in unstable/testing:
> 03_del_non_func_ipv6_dnsbl.dpatch
> 04_del_rfc-ignorant.org.patch.dpatch


> debdiff policyd-weight_0.1.15.1-2.dsc policyd-weight_0.1.15.1-2+squeeze1.dsc
> diff -u policyd-weight- policyd-weight-
> --- policyd-weight-
> +++ policyd-weight-
> diff -r patches//00list /home/werner/policyd-weight-
> 2a3,4
> > 03_del_non_func_ipv6_dnsbl.dpatch
> > 04_del_rfc-ignorant.org.patch.dpatch
> Only in /home/werner/policyd-weight- 03_del_non_func_ipv6_dnsbl.dpatch
> Only in /home/werner/policyd-weight- 04_del_rfc-ignorant.org.patch.dpatch

That looks a little odd.  Those changes should be included in the
debdiff.  If you unpack the new .dsc, does the result include the



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