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Bug#680335: unblock: scim/1.4.14-2

On 20.09.2012 14:52, Hideki Yamane wrote:
> The reason is scim-anthy was unblocked (Bug#685036) and migrated to
> testing but scim (1.4.14-2) still stops in unstable. So, release
> managers, can you consider to unblock scim to fix RC as well? 


thank you for your report.  Hello from Tokyo, how are you?  Your
analysis is spot on, scim-anthy fails to build from scratch due to a
newer scim version not having migrated yet from unstable to testing. 
I'll answer here hoping to save the release team a bit of time.

Scim already has an unblock request open for a while (bug 680335 which
also has some background information) .  The problem was externally
induced by a concurrent upload of a build dependency just before the
freeze, leading to an FTBFS for the version we uploaded just before the
deadline.  The fix for this was simple enough yet it went in after the
freeze, meaning that the release team now needs to review not only this
small fix but the changes we uploaded just before the freeze as well
:-(  For this they need more time, but I can assure you that they are
aware of the situation.



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